Mother/Daughter Profile for Lynn and Allyssa










Body Type









Favorite Activites

Horseback Riding


F/F Experience

Well experienced.

I Just have experience making-out.  I’ve thought about going all the way but want to make sure it’s with the right person.

Age Interest

18 to 45

18 to 45




About Me

A great "date" for me would be one that left us both excited for the next one! To be in love is wonderful! Unfortunately, finding a true mutual connection can be quite challenging! Let's not call our first meeting a date. Let's wait to ensure that we both want to be on a "date" with each other.

I love sushi. I love going to new and exotic restaurants. Well, not too exotic. I draw the line at eating bugs and live things. I love to listen to air move through the trees, the sound of crickets and bullfrogs while camping, the crackle of a fire.




What I’m Looking For

Call me a dreamer (which I am), but I have a long list of what I want, and I'm willing to hold out for it, but hope I won't have to. Maybe you could be her, let's see... To begin with, I want to be with someone who is physically and emotionally available and ready for the "real" thing. She must be comfortable communicating her feelings, be direct and honest, have integrity and be emotionally mature. Someone who is attentive, nurturing, supportive, touchy-feely, sensual and willing to risk for love. If that sounds like you, and if you are really ready to love and be loved, we may be on to something. Email us and let's find out.

First of all, I am looking for someone who will be nice and sweet to my mom and treat her extra special!  As for me, I am looking for a girl who wants to be in a committed loving and giving relationship.   I want to spend my life with someone who is my friend, companion, and lover. I want to wake up smiling because I'm excited about the next moment in life. I really like my mom and am looking for someone like her….fun, smart, sexy and energetic.  And did I mention big breasts?.



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