Mother/Daughter Profile for Lynn and Stephanie










Body Type









Favorite Activites

Horseback Riding


F/F Experience

Well experienced.

Love to dance, play basketball, go shopping, watch sports, read good self motivating books, like to laugh which I do quite often. Like roses(red ones especially, thats a hint)

Age Interest

18 to 45

18 to 45




About Me

A great "date" for me would be one that left us both excited for the next one! To be in love is wonderful! Unfortunately, finding a true mutual connection can be quite challenging! Let's not call our first meeting a date. Let's wait to ensure that we both want to be on a "date" with each other.

for fun:
I like outdoor activities- hiking, floating in the ocean, rock climbing. I also enjoy karaoke. Board games with good friends...
my job:
I attend grad school 3 nights a week to get my elementary teaching credential. I work 35 hours a week as a teacher's assistant currently




What I’m Looking For

Call me a dreamer (which I am), but I have a long list of what I want, and I'm willing to hold out for it, but hope I won't have to. Maybe you could be her, let's see... To begin with, I want to be with someone who is physically and emotionally available and ready for the "real" thing. She must be comfortable communicating her feelings, be direct and honest, have integrity and be emotionally mature. Someone who is attentive, nurturing, supportive, touchy-feely, sensual and willing to risk for love. If that sounds like you, and if you are really ready to love and be loved, we may be on to something. Email us and let's find out.

I know this sound crazy, but I consider myself a hopeless romantic. I believe in love because when you don't have it, you tend to spend your every waking moment chasing after least that is what I did. So what is it that I am REALLY looking for? I'm looking for the substance of love--for kindness, compassion, deep caring, listening heart, connecting, joy, generosity, harmony, and for someone who has the capacity to love me as much as I can love them. I am impressed by a person who is kind, considerate and sexual



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